Meridian Merchant Services 
Your partner in payments processing.


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In the complex world of merchant processing, Meridian Merchant Services will be your partner and work with you to identify your business needs and seek out solutions to improve efficiency and cash flow. We realize that every business is unique and needs a dedicated individual to work with you and understand your current needs as well as your plans for future development. That is why Meridian specializes in a consultative approach and has a dedicated relationship manager spend time with you to get to know your operation, allowing us to determine the best business solutions that will minimize your costs while improving efficiencies. Our knowledge and expertise extend beyond merchant processing and include areas of compliance and data security. Meridian will maintain the highest level of customer service and work with you on an ongoing basis to stay up to date on your changing needs.

Meridian Merchant Services is a registered ISO/MSP for Deutsche Bank AG, New York, New York.

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